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We can save you a lot of time…
Something our clients tell us a lot. Finding the right event venue and planning an event is time-consuming. You need to research the area, then find right person to deal with. Go through your event details, then wait whilst they prepare a proposal for you. If you’re comparing a few venues, the information will all come at different times, in different formats. Then you might want to negotiate better rates. Perhaps arrange a site visit… We can cut out loads of that for you. You just tell us once, and we present all the information to you, in the same format. And it’s free, did we mention that?

It’s a free service.
No really, it’s free. Isn’t that a top reason to hand over your venue search? We can do it all for you, and it won’t cost you a penny.

We have great contacts
The internet opens up the world for us all, but at Event Venues we’ve done a lot of legwork. We don’t just search online for venues for you, we work with venues we’ve seen or know about, with convention bureaux throughout the UK and the world. We’ve got a serious database of venues covering an enormous geographical reach. Honestly – searching for a venue will take us a lot less time than you. We know a lot of people.

We know the right questions to ask
Years of experience means that whatever you’re looking for, we know how to find it. And when we do, we know how to hammer out the best deal for you.

Maybe you want our event management team to take over
We have some really skilled event managers in our stable. If you need help with any of your event, whether it’s full scale conference management, PCO work or help finding event entertainment, we can help.

Maybe you’ve got your own event management team but could do with a bit of support
We know that tough cutbacks or quality control means that event planning is often done in house. But it’s time consuming. Finding the right venue can take hours – so we can do that, for free, leaving you more time to create your own perfect event.

We’re good at this stuff!
Our team have got well over a decade of event industry savvy. Years of experience mean that we can act quickly on your behalf, and really ‘get’ what you’re looking for. Why not fill out the quick form below and see what we mean?