Top ten summer party ideas

Summer means party season is kicking off and we have some amazing ideas to get the best from your summer party…
Party Trees for events

Party trees
Bring the great outdoors to life inside your event. Enchanted forests, secret gardens, magical woodland – all possible indoors or outside
Wine tastings
What better way to enjoy the summer sun than with a wine glass in hand? Learn more about wines from around the world, even our growing wine industry right here in the UK with a wine tasting at your party
beach party theme
Seaside theme
OK, we’d all like a beach party right? Not so great if you’re in Nottingham or London or Birmingham though. Not many beaches there. So bring the beach to your party. Make your party feel like a holiday or a night in Ibiza…
CocktailsFlair bartender for events
Bring a little flair to your event. You could have the entertainment of flair bartenders, or you could have a cocktail masterclass. Or you could have both! Why the heck not!?
Free venue finding
Why waste hours of your time searching for the perfect summer party venue when you can get someone else to do it for you, free? Seriously – who wouldn’t do that!? Contact us, no obligation
Summer event venuesParties on the water
Yachts are not just for the rich and famous – you can have your party on one too. With casinos, live music, excellent food and even clay pigeon shooting off the back. Win
Have a festival
Yes, you read it right. Why not have your own festival? We work with amazing landowners throughout the UK and you could have your very own festival, with music tents, camping etc. How cool is that?
Conference combo
Make the most of your budget (and possible tax relief!) by combining your conference and summer party. Lots of amazing venues have the option to spend the day working, and the evening partying

Team building for summerTeam building
Yes, that can be fun too. Don’t all groan and shuffle your feet – it can be great fun! Daft games, It’s a Knockout, treasure hunts, CSI challenges, murder mysteries. It’s all good
Why not let someone else do all the work? We work with sporting events such as days at the races or tennis, regattas, major concerts, theatre and hotel combinations etc and can book your hospitality at no cost to you. Sit back and enjoy the day
Whatever you want for your summer party, we can help. Just give us a shout on 0845 5948533 or electronically from our Contact Us page. Cheers!

Top Tips for Summer Parties
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