Wedding car hireGetting married should always be a big day, and getting some help with the planning is definitely a good idea or you’ll go mad, particularly if you want something a bit different. Maybe you’re getting married for the second or third time. Maybe you just can’t find someone to put together the right thing for you. You can drag in your friends and family to help – and most brides and grooms do. But a little professional help can go a long way.

Wedding Venue
It’s the most important part. Obvs we’re keen to highlight this as we offer a free wedding finding service, but why not? It’s gonna cost you nowt, so why not ask us to have a look for you?

Wedding Catering
Barns are big business for weddings but don’t often have in house catering. That’s definitely something we can help you with – we’ve got relationships with amazing caterers dotted around the UK – and the world. We can present options, steer you through the choices, advise on where you can haggle, and set up tastings for you. Bars too – we work with every type of bar team you could imagine.

Wedding Decor and content
Not our strong point personally, but we work with some extraordinary creatives, who have ideas we couldn’t dream in our wildest moments. And we’re really happy to just link you up with those guys, so you can dream your dreams together.

Hen & stag party
There are tons of amazing companies that specialise in cheap, well-organised hen and stag parties. That’s not what we do. However, if you want something bespoke, whether it’s an upmarket option or just not available as a package, we can help with this. We’re particularly good at the second time arounders, those who want a bit more luxury for their celebrations.

There’s probably loads of otWedding venue Sussexher things you could get some help with, including planning along the way, like transport, organising flowers, favours and festivities. We’ve got wedding bands, live performers, harps and hollering toastmasters. It’s wedding season. Is there anything we can help you with?! CONTACT US

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