Christmas party plannersIt is a truth universally acknowledged that Christmas comes round earlier every year. And never more so than in the world of event management.

As soon as the sun comes out, we start getting those invites from venues to come and check out their Christmas showcases. So our party planners head off to venues far and wide in the blazing sun, to be greeted by people dressed as elves giving us glasses of mulled wine and mince pies. It’s surreal, that’s for sure. It’s honestly quite hard to get excited about the Christmas themes at venues when we’re absolutely boiling.

However – this is an important part of our calendar, as companies and corporate Christmas events are right in the throes of planning now. In fact, the bigger the group, the earlier they have to plan it, because space is at a premium, and the larger the party, the less choice there is.

We know this, and we’ve booked in quite a lot of Christmas events already. But it’s a good time to get planning. If you’re looking for a Christmas party venue, for a themed event, for a shared party booking or even just a knees up in a nice venue, we can help. And the chances are, we can do the venue part for free – leaving you time to tuck into the mince pies and relax in the sun.

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Christmas party planning in Summer
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