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OK, so you’re in charge of organising the company Christmas do. It’s a bit of a responsibility, right? You need to get the right venue, make sure everyone enjoys themselves. Maybe boost morale, or reward people for a great year. You have to get this right. No pressure or anything.

Don’t worry. We have a few handy tips for making the most of that merry mash-up…



#1 Get the date right
Unless you’re booking now, or you already did it, booking the best date is getting tougher every day. Every December has two weekends where parties work best. Maybe a bit more time if you’re into considering Thursdays. So get it in everyone’s diaries quickly. Alternatively, what about November? Or even January. A ‘Retox’ Christmas party in January is an increasingly popular idea.Get the right event venue

#2 The perfect venue
OK, there’s probably no such thing. You can’t please all the people, all of the time. But take a look at your motley crew. Are you sure that Martin the 60 year old director in Accounts actually wants to be doing vodka shots in an ice bar to the strains of the Foo Fighters? Want some help finding the perfect place? We don’t charge for venue finding.

Party entertainment party planners#3 That’s entertainment
OK, you’ve got everyone’s attention. What are you going to do with them now? Throwing food and booze at them will work for a bit, but what about afterwards? Have you thought about maybe some music? Entertainers or entertainment? What about some sort of amazing surprise or reveal that will have them talking about your event for months? Raise the bar.

Party invitation party planners

#4 Get with the theme
Christmas parties are a time for really letting go, and trust me, adults (well, a lot of them) like nothing better than a party theme that offers escapism and maybe a chance to dress up and be a kid again. You’d be amazed how many bank workers I’ve seen dress up as jockeys and do Gangnam Style. Maybe you wouldn’t. But themes are a great way to make it memorable. I’ll be writing about those tomorrow, if you’re looking for inspiration.

#5 Invite right
The invitation sets the tone for the whole event. If you’re a team of five and you’re going down the pub for your Christmas lunch, a nicely worded email is fine. If this is a big event that you’ve lavished time and money making awesome, MAKE IT COUNT! Get everyone excited from the start with the invitation.

#6 Plan round it
Don’t forget the other bits. Like transportation – do you need to get coaches for everyone? How about overnight accommodation? Have you checked the venue is suitable for anyone with disabilities or life-threatening allergies? You don’t want someone having an anaphylactic episode over the nut-stuffed turkey. That will not make anyone’s night.

Party karaoke party planners#7 Enjoy yourself
OK, OK; so we’re event organisers and we know how much work goes into a thing. Which is why we’re always busy running other people’s events. So they can actually enjoy them too. So maybe getting a little help with yours might be good? Try us – quote is free, so you have nothing to lose. And it could mean the difference between running around all night with your clipboard in a fog of stress, or jumping on the table with the karaoke mic and rocking ‘Valerie’. Your choice.

For help with any of the above, please give us a shout on or call on 0845 594 8533

7 ways to create the best company Christmas party
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