If we had a pound (or dollar, or euro!) for every time a client has asked for something different, we’d be driving the new Merc Maybach. Well, maybe not, but you get the idea

All events need to have a unique touch – the conference that stands out, the venue that nobody has seen before, the team building activity that had everyone talking for months – and perhaps one of the real biggies each year is the Christmas party venue. Yes hotels are nice, and so are restaurants, but how about something different?!

A cool Christmas event at an interesting venue will score high on everyone’s Christmas lists, so we’ve got seven free ideas for you. Have to say of course that our venue finding service is FREE so if you fancy any of these ideas below, please get in touch.


Cocktail masterclass Event Venues www.event-venue-finder.com


Sound weird? Bear with us. Why not hold it in a place where you can make stuff and eat it live on the spot!? Rather than just chugging as much tequila as you can get your hands on (and we do see the merits of that, honestly) this can have high standard food, informal fun, be a bit messy and lots of drinks. Cocktail masterclass or cookery event yeah? Make chocolate or canapes, mix martinis. Sounds OK to us



Christmas party in a barn Event Venues www.event-venue-finder.com


Born in a barn? Apparently Jesus was, so hey. Seriously though – not just for vintage weddings. A barn offers a chance for some really magical theming and event styling; think twinkly lighting, frosted whites and silvers, crisp countryside fresh air and dancing til dawn. Well, maybe not dawn. And there will be heating, we promise.




Country Manor traditional Christmas party venue Event Venues www.event-venue-finder.com


Not the same as a barn, for something a bit traditional and elegant. The UK is literally covered with venues that used to belong to old families. Rather than fall into rack and ruin, loads of them are hotels and party venues now and we have a massive list of them. See also CASTLES!




Warehouse for Christmas party venue Event Venues www.event-venue-finder.com


Think warehouses, shops, metalworks, factories, studios etc – the ideas for dressing venues like this get us really excited and these are always the sorts of spaces that really make your event stand out. And not just at Christmas. We got some real crackers up our sleeves




Museums for Christmas party venue Event Venues www.event-venue-finder.com


So here we’re thinking ice rinks, museums, art galleries, ice bars etc. You can have some real fun with these and there’s some really unusual options dotted around the whole of the UK





Vaults and crypts for Christmas party venue Event Venues www.event-venue-finder.com


How about churches, crypts, haunted houses etc? Want something on the gothic side? Work that Dickens feel into your event and hark back to the ghosts of Christmas past. Such a giggle.




Abandoned building for Christmas party venue Event Venues www.event-venue-finder.com


OK so we have to fess up – these are way harder to come by, but we love this kind of thing if we can find a place that works. Old abandoned hospitals, tube stations, warehouses etc are just awesome for events. There are hurdles with these, definitely. But for the right budget and a daring client who loves to push the boundaries, we’ve worked this kinda thing before. You’ll need to talk to us properly about this if you’re interested. It’s also possible that we can create that feel in a (safe!) working building using event dressing.


There’s loads more ideas but we don’t want to give away all our secrets, or we’d have to kill you. If you want some help though, and you DO need something different, get in touch with us and we can help.


Unusual Christmas party venues