Does the idea of using a venue finder seem a little crazy to you? Are your first thoughts something like, “I Event planners event venuescan do it myself, find the perfect venue online, and negotiate the best deal for my event. It’s easy”?

You’re not alone. A huge proportion of new business comes our way because of people who have made a start at putting their own event together and then found that actually, it takes up loads of their time and eats into their normal workflow – and a huge part of that is about finding the right venue. Did you know, for example, that the average wedding takes around 250 hours to organise? That’s around six weeks full time work! Whatever else this is, unless organising events is your job, it’s not great for time management.

So one of the top reasons for using an agency like us is to save time. But there’s something more important than that. Take a look at this rather marvelous testimonial from a client last week…

“Sam did everything to help us make our event as successful as possible. We did not give her much time to find a venue and had quite specific parameters. Sam offered enough options, without sending me hundreds of places to consider (which I greatly appreciated), and each venue she offered was suitable to the brief I had supplied. I found Sam to be professional & personable – she understood what I was asking for and got on with the task of finding us the right venue for our event. I would not only use Sam again to help find venues, I would go to Sam first.”

OK, so naturally it’s amazing to have such positive feedback (*buffs nails happily), but what I really loved about this was the bit about understanding the brief and presenting the right number of places. I’ve seen other agencies who take a brief from a client and then just send them details of every venue that can hold the right number of attendees within a 50 mile radius! But that’s NOT what people come to a venue finding agency for. They come to us because they want advice and guidance. They want to be assured that when we present a venue, it’s because we know it’s the right sort of place for them. Otherwise, they may just as well be searching online themselves. Having a wild stab at the chances that the website is a true representation of the venue itself.

Business woman relaxing after using an event venue finder. Stress free time management conceptHere at Event Venues we try our best to see as many venues as possible first hand. I myself have something like 13 years of experience organising events and in those years I’ve seen more venues than I can even count, and it’s the same for other team members here. So when you ask us to find you a venue, we don’t just swamp you with everything that *might* work for you. We do our best to pass on the wisdom of our experience, and give you a decent, personal business service. With a smile. Whatever the event.

Finally though – the service is free to you, the client. If you didn’t know this already, that might be the clincher for you – as an agency, the venue you book will pay us a commission for bringing them the business (as long as we make the initial enquiry), so we don’t charge you. If you’re being charged by a venue finding agency to find you a venue, walk away. In fact, walk this way.


Want to know more? Drop us an email on or give us a call – it’s all free, even the proposal, and there’s no obligation to book anything. So now you can ask yourself – Why WOULDN’T you use a venue finder?!

Why use a venue finding agency?
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